The Mega-Cities Project (MCP) is a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to shortening the lag time between ideas and implementation by sharing innovative solutions to the problems cities face in common.

We follow a Dual Strategy: We connect theory and practice through researching the process of urban transformation and through putting adaptable solutions in the hands of decision-makers in real time.

What cities: We work in cities and metropolitan regions with over 10 million people.

Why: The world’s largest cities face the same challenges as other cities, but due to scale and scope the issues reach crisis proportions. If a new approach works in a mega-city, it is likely to work in smaller cities. Diversity, density and proximity create a fertile soil for new ideas.

How: By building trust among leaders from grassroots groups, non-profits, government, business, academia and media through face-to-face relationships within and among cities.


1) We uncover under-the-radar initiatives that address the interconnected issues of livelihoods, urban environment, voice and dignity for marginalized groups;

2) We identify and promote emerging young leaders, integrate them into our network and disseminate their work.