What do we do?

We serve our clients through:

  1. Consulting, strategic planning & partnership management [Learn More]
  2. Research and program evaluation [Learn More]
  3. Teaching and training [Learn More]
  4. Public speaking, lectures and presentations [Learn More]

Who do we do it for?

  1. International Agencies
  2. National, State and Local Governments
  3. Private Sector
  4. Foundations and Non-Profit Organizations
  5. Universities and Research Centers
  6. Media

What are our areas of expertise?

  1. Global urbanization, megacities and the future of cities
  2. Urban policy
  3. Green cities and  sustainable urban infrastructure
  4. Poverty-Environment Nexus
  5. Informal settlements and the informal economy
  6. Urban governance, decentralization, citizen participation
  7. Urban leadership and innovation at the grassroots level
  8. Peer-to-peer learning; innovation transfer and adaptation