To date our teams in the mega-cities where we work, have identified thousands of unrecognized innovations; documented and disseminated over 200 successful experiences; and worked with dozens of leaders helping to bring their ideas to the world stage.

We have played an active role in Habitat I, II and III; and in the World Urban Forums seeking to promote the agenda of social justice, environmental regeneration and inclusion.


2017 Brazilian Excellence Award for Innovation in Urban Projects, the Mega-Cities Project, from Latin American News.

2009 Mayer Global Citizenship Award, Tufts University, “for dedication in solving the most pressing problems facing the world”. (Previous recipients include Amartya Sen, John Kenneth Galbraith, Mary Robinson, Wole Soyinka, Desmond Tutu and Sir Brian Urquhart).

2003 CIty Award: Rio de Janeiro, Mayor Cesar Maia,

1997 Friends of the U.N. Award, in “Recognition of Contribution to “Creating Common Unity.”

1996 Habitat Award, United Nations Center for Human Settlements Letter of Recognition from Kofi Annan.

1995 Aspen Institute Leadership Award, for outstanding NGO leadership at the global level.

1994 GEM AWARD (Global Excellence in Management) USAID and the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve.

1994 NEETF Award (The National Environmental Education and Training Foundation), for the adaptation of community-based environmental education initiatives to New York and Los Angeles.

1989 Rio de Janeiro CIty Award, Mayor Marcelo Alencar, Rio de Janeiro,

1992 NYC Mayor’s Award for Service, Mayor Ed Koch, New York City,

1989 Los Angeles Mayor’s Award for Service, Mayor Tom Bradley, Los Angeles

1988 Congressional Record Entry on The Mega-Cities Project, by the Honorable Bill Green,

1978 White House Advisory Committee on Neighborhoods.