Bolsonaro, Witzel and Israel: Partners in Eradicating Crime from Favelas

Jair Bolsonaro, and Rio de Janeiro’s new governor Wilson Witzel, will be deploying new Israeli technology to battle ruthless street gangs that currently run much of Brazil’s favelas.

Brazil’s new right-wing administration will use thousands of cameras and weaponized drones to fight crime in the favelas (NM).

Jair Bolsonaro is that exceedingly rare Latin American right-winger who pulls no punches: not only did he not try to hide or downplay his ideological affinity with Donald Trump; he trumpeted his support for Trump from the rooftops, and spoke glowingly of the Orange Man on the campaign trail. Yes the “Trump of the Tropics” has delighted his supporters as much as he has infuriated his PT foes and leftists.

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