During the pandemic I have been working at three major projects. One of those projects was the Fulbright Research Project in Recife.  From mid-September to mid-December, 2022 I was in Recife, Brazil on a three-month research project hosted by FUNDAJ, the Joaquim Nabuco Foundation. With my associate Paulo Moraes we conducted a longitudinal study in two peripheral communities — Pontezinha e Ponte dos Carvalhos, more than 50 years after I participated in a project there with Brazilian and American students in 1965. We are now writing the Final Report.  

In the coming months MCP will participate in the Latin American Studies meetings in Vancouver (April, 2023); The Urban Summit in Brussels (June 2023) and the UN General Assembly/SDG Summit in September, 2023. We hope to see each other there if not elsewhere. Please let me know your planned activities for the coming year.